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Glued Wig Glue | Hair Replacement Adhesive | Invisible Wig Glue for Front Lace Wig Waterproof

Price: $9.97 - $7.97
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Unrivaled Research, Superior Quality
Hair Is A Woman’s Crowning Glory. But hanging on to a lace front wig or ponytail wig while jumping and running around can be a challenge – it’s hard to keep the crown in place. Glued Wig Glue helps your hair piece stay glued and still maintain an active lifestyle. It’s a super adhesive glue that works for all types of wigs, no matter what size, shape and length. Fake it..flaunt it!
Synthetic hair products such as a toupee for men used to look awkward and tacky. With our specially formulated transparent lace wig adhesive glue, men can now wear hair replacements as natural-looking as hair extension for women. No freeze spray or cap needed to tie down your lace front wig. This lace wig glue has a bold hold that keeps everything in place. Wear a toupee worry-free.
Rock out your lace wigs with transparent lace wig hair glue. The lace glue appears to melt and blend in with the scalp to showcase hair bonding glue tint that matches your skin tone, achieving that natural-looking hairline and scalp. Have edge control for black hair. Let them see through and behold the confidently beautiful you.
It’s no fun with a sticky bun! Don’t get caught with a lopsided bun or a misplaced ponytail. Other cheap lace front wigs adhesive can become gooey, causing hair pieces or extensions to slide. When applied correctly, Glued lace front wig glue does not leave a sticky greasy residue. As you apply each layer of lace front glue, make sure that the previous layer has completely dried out. This ensures that the lace glue for wigs is transparent and almost see-through.
Our specially formulated hair glue for lace wigs is designed for all types of weave and scalp conditions in mind. This poly or lace front glue waterproof super hold works for oily or sweaty scalp. It remains in place even in high humidity situations. It’s water resistant even when you get wet in the rain. It also has no harmful toxic chemicals that could cause allergic or adverse reactions to your skin and scalp.

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