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ColorGround Mens Short Blonde Bald Cosplay Wig with Eye Mask

Price: $21.90
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Product Description


Inspired by the popular movie, we tried many styles to come up with this wonderful wig for the hero. We increased the size specially for fitting American adult average head size. Heat resistant fiber looks natural and can be permed by iron.

Package Includes:

Wig, Headband, Eye mask,Wig Cap

Wig, Eye Mask, Wig Cap

Wig, Eye Mask, Wig Cap

Wig, Wig Cap

Wig, Glasses Frame, Wig Cap

Wig, Wig Cap

Age Recommended:

6-18 years old

4-14 years old

adults and 6+ kids

adults and 6+ kids

6-16 years old

adults and 8+ kids


Basic Information:


100% heat resistant synthetic fiber, which is soft and can be permed under 180 degree centigrade.

Recommeded Head Circumference:

54-58 cm



Package Included:

1 wig + 1 eye mask + 1 wig cap 
ATTENTION: You may need cut the eye mask with scissor as you wish.








100% heat resistant synthetic fiber, which is not shiny, more natural. It is not one time use wig.

Thick Enough

A short wig. Once you take it out of the bag, give it a good shake – don’t worry the wig can take it – to reveal all the volume!

Custom Designed:

Watching movie multiple times in return for an exclusive hair style design.

Easy to style

At the fringe and the parting line, the fibers are frizzed at the roots, so it can be puffed up or smoothed down as you wish.

Warm Tips:

We use emulational scalp on the top, so the wig can be more sturdy and easy to wear.

Eye Mask:

The eye mask is in adult size and it can be cut to suit your face.
It is in the package together with the wig and wig cap.

wig  conwig  con

A Must for different Occasions:

Get ready to be a hit of Cons, themed parties, expos, conventions or Halloween party.

Cleaning Instructions:

Smooth the wig before putting it into cold or lukewarm water.
Add a little mild shampoo and wash gently.
Rinse thoroughly and towel to blot up the water.
Use metal comb or oxhorn comb, and then hang and dry it naturally. We don’t suggest plastic comb because it may cause static electricity.

Designed for: Cosplay, costume party, carnival, Halloween, fashion or just for fun.
Recommended Head Circumference: 54-58cm
Color: Environment-friendly dyestuff are used when we produce the wig, free from harmful substance. Please note that if you want to redye the wig, all the wigs can be dyed only from light color to dark color.
Package Included: 1x Wig + 1 Eye Mask + 1x FREE Wig cap

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